My name is John Junguenet and I am writing to you on behalf of my father and myself regarding William Kelley’s Henri Bonneau piece that appeared yesterday. We have been the exclusive U.S. importer of Henri’s wines since the 1985 vintage (in 1988) and have become very close with the Bonneau family over the past 25 years. William’s article is the best we’ve seen that captures everything great about Henri and his winemaking without getting into the peripheral details of his life that can take away from what he has accomplished throughout his career by not changing his ways while everything around him did.

We don’t know how many visits William has made to Henri’s cellar but, if this was his first, he came away with a better understanding of what Henri is all about than a lot of people we know that have visited 10+ times. Bravo! That boy deserves a pat on the back.

—John Junguenet, Wines of France Inc.

A new generation of young, enthusiastic, and passionate wine writers are coming to the forefront. One to pay particular attention to is William Kelley.

Oxford trained, he brings a strong foundation to his chosen career but it is his foresight and empathy towards the human spirit that enables him to capture the story.

 —Kathleen Heitz Myers, President of Heitz Wine Cellars


—Jason Lett, Eyrie Vineyards